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Today we are open from
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Beautiful Bedding and Hanging Baskets

No matter what size garden you have, hanging baskets are a wonderful, quick and easy way to grow even more flowers, adding instant colour to patios, balconies and any other outdoor space that needs brightening up. Hanging baskets… Many of the most popular plants for hanging baskets will flower for months on end, with minimum […]

Jobs to do in May

May is a beautiful month, with all the spring flowers in full bloom and summer just around the corner. Everything is bursting with life and there’s plenty to do in the garden! Thank goodness for the two bank holidays! Here are our top tips for gardening jobs in May. Get ready for a fantastic summer […]

Spice up your life!

Zest up your cooking and improve your garden’s aesthetic all at the same time by growing your own herb garden! Not only do herbs add incredible aroma and taste to your meals, but they also provide a host of health benefits.  So what herbs should you consider planting in your garden? Here are some of […]

Grow Your Own

Nothing beats the taste of your own home-grown fruit and vegetables, and you don’t even need a kitchen garden to do it. Many will grow happily in a pot on a patio or balcony, and you can even grow salad and herbs on a sunny windowsill.  If you’re new to growing your own, here are […]

Jobs to do in April

April is here and spring is well and truly in the air!  Often described as the most beautiful month of the year with things bursting into bloom, bringing fantastic colour and scent to the garden. It’s a busy month but as the days get longer, there’s plenty of time to enjoy your garden, so get […]

Spring Lawn Care

Following the dark winter months your lawn is ready to ‘spring’ into action, if it hasn’t already with all the rain we have been having! With a little help from our friends at Westland here’s a guide to getting a great-looking lawn this spring! Start mowing with caution… Grass starts to grow more rapidly as […]

Jobs to do in March

It’s time to get your garden ready for the season ahead and we are here to help you make the most of your garden this spring. Here’s our gardening tips for March… It’s the perfect time for Grown Your Own planting. March is a great time to plant onion sets, asparagus and early potatoes but […]

Perfect houseplants

Do you know which plants go best in which room..? It’s a difficult task, there are so many variations and species to choose from! Whether you’re looking to add a jungle of plants to your living room, or just want to add a few new leafy friends as a focal point, we’ve got you covered. […]

Jobs to do in February

February’s here and along with some snowdrops and a few early daffodils it hints that spring is about to burst onto centre stage! In good weather, grab your gardening tools and head outside and when the weather isn’t so great, grab a pen and start planning for your seed-sowing year and tend to your indoor […]

Winter Bird Care

Our winter bird care tips will not only help to make sure that your garden birds will be well fed over the winter months, but you’ll also get to spend a little bit of time outside and watching your garden visitors can bring joy and increase well-being all whilst helping wildlife in your garden.  Suet […]