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Today we are open from
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Following the dark winter months your lawn is ready to ‘spring’ into action, if it hasn’t already with all the rain we have been having! With a little help from our friends at Westland here’s a guide to getting a great-looking lawn this spring!

Start mowing with caution...

Grass starts to grow more rapidly as the weather warms up and it may only need cutting about once or twice a fortnight at this time of year. But be cautious, don’t cut the grass if the soil is very wet or there’s frost on the ground, and be gentle with the first few cuts. Set your mower on the highest setting and just trim off the top third of growth. Allow the lawn to recover for a few days and then cut again with the blades on a lower setting. 

Get rid of weeds and moss...

Moss and weeds compete with the grass for vital nutrients and soil moisture. It’s best to use an all-in-one lawn feed, weed and moss killer.  This increases the nutrient levels of the grass whilst killing off the moss. Aftercut All In One is a good product to use to do this. Apply a few days after mowing and lightly rake out the moss once it begins to die (10-14 days). You will be left with bare patches in your lawn once the moss is gone. It is essential to grow new healthy grass over these patches to avoid them being overgrown by moss again (6 weeks after application of Aftercut All In One). The patches can easily be repaired using Gro-Sure Smart Patch, which is a grass seed with special aqua gel technology that locks in essential nutrients and therefore guarantees results. 

You can deal with small patches of weeds effectively by using Resolva Lawn Weedkiller, or by removing them by hand. If you choose to use a weedkiller on your lawn, make sure it says ‘lawn weedkiller’ on it. If you use a normal weedkiller you will kill all your grass.

Feed and conditioning your lawn...

All plants need feeding to perform their best in the garden and your lawn is no exception. Westland Lawn Revive is a child and pet-friendly natural lawn thickener. It works in three ways;

  • Improves the soil to boost germination and seed establishment and also improves water management.
  • Fills sparse areas and patches with high quality lawn seed.
  • Feeds every blade, for a thicker, green lawn in just three days.

Deal with compacted soil...

To help to promote healthy growth, make sure you aerate compacted lawns. Aerating improves the drainage around the roots of your grass. A compacted lawn will be rock hard and slow to drain after rainfall, paths across the lawns are often quick to compact as they have had heavy foot traffic.

Spring is a good time to aerate the lawn. Ideally, you should remove plugs of soil using a hollow tine aerator. Alternatively, use a normal garden fork and push the spikes into the soil to a depth of about 7-10cm (3-4 inches) if possible. After the lawn has been aerated, fill the holes with Westland Lawn and Turf Dressing. This contains a mixture of sand, peat, soil as well as fertiliser, which together, add exactly the right ingredients to the soil for premium grass growth.


Spring is a good time to over-seed any sparse areas of lawn. Sparse areas may appear where weeds or moss have been removed or where the grass has not grown very well.

To over-seed use a fork and rake to break up the surface to a finer consistency. If you have any dips, use Top Soil to fill them in and then over-seed. Apply at the on-pack overseeding rate, then rake the seed into the surface. Grass should sprout within a week or two depending on conditions.

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