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Today we are open from
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Do you know which plants go best in which room..?

It’s a difficult task, there are so many variations and species to choose from! Whether you’re looking to add a jungle of plants to your living room, or just want to add a few new leafy friends as a focal point, we’ve got you covered.

Different rooms have different humidity levels, and just like us, plants will have their favourite spot in their perfect room. Don’t fret, you can add humidity to the plants that need it by frequently misting them or placing them around other plants.  

The Living Room

Typically one of the less humid rooms of the house and for that eye-catching centrepiece, the Cheese Plant (monstera deliciosa) is perfect. They love bright, indirect sunlight so avoid any south-facing windows. Draw some attention to your shelves by adding a trailing Satin Pothos, they can tolerate low light conditions but the brighter the light, the more they grow! Liven up your living room with a Rubber Plant, Bird of Paradise, Weeping Fig, Calatheas, or the odd Palm or two.

The Kitchen

Usually the busiest and typically the most humid room in the house, so create some calm with, you’ve guessed it, some humidity-loving plants. Boston Ferns love high humidity levels and their luscious, springy leaves can spruce up any kitchen big or small. Place in bright, indirect sunlight and combined with the humidity, they’ll flourish.  Plants such as Calathea Orbifolia, Blue Star Fern, Pothos and Oxalis thrive in the kitchen environment.

The Bedroom

A place of rest and relaxation, so your plants should help you create a calm and tranquil sanctuary. Snake Plants have air-purifying qualities which make them ideal for your bedroom and they require minimal maintenance and care. Other dreamy houseplants are Calathea Pinstripe, Butterfly Palm, Fiddle Leaf and Weeping Figs.

The Bathroom

A botanical-inspired bathroom is bang on trend at the moment. Certain plants will adore the steamy, humid atmosphere of your bathroom and will help to create a relaxing and luxurious environment. Calathea Amagris, originating from South American jungles, will thrive in bathrooms and its soft, light, green leaves help create a dreamy bathroom feel so you can relax and rewind. Boster Ferns, Peace Lily, Pothos, Blue Star Fern, Philodendrons and Asparagus Fern all love to reside in steamy bathrooms.

The Home Office

Did you know..? The power of plants is scientifically proven to boost productivity and creativity levels, as well as reduce stress. Perfect as more and more people are working from home and have a home office. The Peace Lily’s white flowers may catch your eye, but it’s the plant’s air-purifying properties that will make an impact. Keep it out of bright, direct sunlight, but make sure it is still placed in a well-lit area. Other hard-working office plants include Snake Plants, Philodendrons, Monstera, Rubber Plants, Weeping and Fiddle Leaf Figs.