Today we are open from
09:00 - 17:30
Today we are open from
09:00 - 17:30

It’s time to get your garden ready for the season ahead and we are here to help you make the most of your garden this spring.

Here's our gardening tips for March...

It’s the perfect time for Grown Your Own planting. March is a great time to plant onion sets, asparagus and early potatoes but don’t forget to cover them with netting to keep pigeons away. 

We also have a great selection of Unwins seeds to choose from beetroot, carrots, cauliflower, chilli peppers, kohlrabi, lettuce, leeks, onions, radish, turnip, tomatoes, spring onions, peas, beans and spinach to name a few. With our 5 Buy 4 get 5th free* – what will you choose?

Why not plant gladioli, lilies, begonias and dahlias in pots, indoors, to ensure a beautiful display come late spring?

Deadhead any faded daffodils and leave the foliage to die back naturally. Dig up big clumps of snowdrops, split them, and then replant the smaller clumps to encourage them to spread.


It's time to prune bush roses...

by removing any dead or crossing branches, and shortening the remaining stems by two-thirds. Prune mophead hydrangeas by cutting all flowered stems back to just above the first strong buds below the dried flower heads.

To promote new, brightly coloured stems, cut back shrubby dogwood and salix to 15cm above ground level. Also, cut back hard shrubs like Buddleia, and Lavatera for strong new growth.

We have a great selection of price-busting, gardening tools to help you get your gardening jobs done.

If you need to move any deciduous shrubs and trees it’s best done before they start to put on new leaves.

Mulch fruit trees and bushes with compost or well-rotted farmyard manure, but make sure you keep the mulch clear of the trunks to prevent any rotting.

Plants quickly use up the nutrients in their compost. Top dress shrubs in pots by removing the top 5cm of old compost and replacing it with fresh compost. We have a great selection of compost to choose from.

Lawns should generally be mown weekly or fortnightly between March and October to keep them neat and in good condition. Never mow wet or frosty grass, this can damage your turf and compact the soil, wait until later in the day when the lawn has dried out or defrosted, or postpone mowing to another day. However, lots of people favour leaving lawns uncut in spring to encourage wildflowers and pollinators.

At Brick Kiln Garden Centre, we have everything you need to make your garden thrive. We have a wide range of plants, bulbs, seeds, and garden tools ready to take home today and our team is always on hand to offer advice and guidance, so pop in and visit us – why go elsewhere and pay more?

*Cheapest free, exclusions apply. Offers correct at time of publication.