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Today we are open from
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Wondering how to choose the perfect Christmas tree?…

Don’t panic!  We’ve got you covered. 

Choosing the best Christmas tree for your home is simple, fun and exciting.  

But before you go shopping, here are some Top Tips to help decide which is the perfect Christmas Tree for you. 

Different Real Christmas Tree Types

Nordman Fir – the most popular of all Christmas trees. With its soft dark green foliage and holds its needles for a long time on the branches. 

Norway Spruce – a traditional tree with dark green needles and the scent of Christmas. Ensuring it is well watered will help to keep the needles on the tree.

Cut or Pot Grown

Cut Trees make the perfect centrepiece for your festivities. Whether you have a small or larger space to fill we have the right size for you. Cut trees should be treated like a cut flower and need plenty of frequent watering, and once decorated you’ll have a beautiful festive focal point for all to admire.

If you’re worried about space and time, Pot Grown trees are ideal. They offer an instant solution for the busy Christmas season. As they’re living, Pot Grown Trees do require frequent watering – but as with any house plant, be careful not to overwater. If well looked after they can be planted out in the garden after Christmas and enjoyed for years to come.

Plan ahead

It’s easy to get carried away when Christmas tree shopping and you probably don’t want a tree you can’t fit in your car or to get home and you can’t fit it through the front door or, a tiny tree that you can barely see in the corner of the room. 

First things first – decide where your tree will go. The ideal spot is a corner away from direct heat and safe from excited toddlers, tail-wagging pets, and “merry” adults!

Do you need access to a plug socket for your fairy lights? 

Aim to pick a spot that everyone sees frequently, so you get the most out of your tree.

Size and Shape

Measure up the space where you want to place your tree, so you know the height and width of the area. You shouldn’t buy a tree the same height as your room, it should always be shorter! 

Bear in mind that you want to leave enough room for your tree topper, whether you go for a star, angel, or something a little more abstract. The tree can be trimmed down to size if you do end up getting one that’s a little too big.

TOP TIP – When you head to the shop – take a tape measure. Heights will be clearly marked, but sizes will only be approximate.  Also, it can be difficult to judge the width, therefore your tape measure will come in handy!

Don't forget...

Think about a tree stand. We have the amazing Bertie Tree stands in various colours for only £19.99. 

Please remember our staff are here to help you, so ask them for their advice on choosing your perfect tree.  We’ll also put your tree through our fantastic netting machine once it’s been chosen.  This makes it very easy for you to fit in (or on top of!) the car.

Our Real Christmas Trees will be arriving the week commencing 20th November