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Today we are open from
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Midsummer sees the garden at the peak of its glory, with roses looking particularly beautiful. 

Roses have a classic beauty and real source of pleasure in traditional and contemporary gardens alike, bringing glamour and elegance, colour and fragrance. We all know the saying: “Stop and smell the roses” well that phase wasn’t chosen by chance. 

Best for fragrance...

Roses are renowned for their delicious scent, here’s some of our favourites…
THE POET’S WIFE® With a hint of lemon, it’s wonderfully rich fragrance becomes sweeter and stronger with age. This bushy, rounded shrub bears large, rich yellow flowers which pale over time and beautiful shiny foliage. Ideal for pots and containers and can be placed in shady spot. 
SCEPTER’D ISLE® This pretty rose produces numerous lovely light pink, cupped, old fashioned blooms with a powerful myrrh fragrance. It’s an elegant upright shrub, ideal for growing in a mixed, sunny border, where it will flower for months on end.
CHARLES DARWIN® Flowers with large, enlightening blooms filled with mustard-yellow petals. These shallow, open cups draw you in with their strong colour and then delight with their strong, delicious fragrance of soft floral tea and pure lemon. A sturdy medium sized shrub with broad, spreading growth. Ideal for planting within mixed borders or rose hedges and can be planted in partially shady areas.

Where to plant roses...

As well as looking and smelling gorgeous, roses are surprisingly tough and can cope with a wide range of conditions. They are astonishingly versatile, no wonder they are a firm favourite in gardens around the world. 
Ensure plenty of sunlight. Roses thrive on direct sunlight, a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight is recommended. However, even when planted against a north wall (meaning no direct sunlight), climbing and rambling roses can still perform well and is a great way of bringing colour and interest to forgotten areas of the garden. 
The closer you plant your rose to other plants, the more competition there is for moisture and sunlight, so avoid areas where there are overhanging branches and dry places. For best results, plant your rose a meter away from other plants and 60cm from other roses. 

Best for pots and containers...

Growing roses in pots allows you to have fun with your garden, enabling flexibility and experimentation with the minimum amount of labour. Just about any type of rose can be grown in a pot or container (as long as it’s large enough to the volume of soil / compost needed for the plant, we suggest a minimum of 45cm x 45cm and a 50/50 mix of Multi-Purpose Compost and John Innes No.3). Roses in pots can be grown in even the smallest amount of outside space, whether you have a balcony, terrace, a small garden patio or a larger garden. Why not place them in areas that you frequently use or walk past – next to the house, along a path or next to a seating or eating area, perfect for a summer ‘al fresco’.

SCARBOROUGH FAIR® Despite the impression of utmost delicacy, this is a very tough, reliable variety. With its abundant soft pink, semi-double flowers, held in large sprays, they have an Old Rose, musky scent. 

KEW GARDENS® With it’s small, single flowers held in very large heads, rather like a hydrangea, it almost continuously blooms from early summer well into autumn. Soft apricot buds open to pure white, with a hint of soft lemon behind the stamens. It’s almost thornless, so perfect for positioning near eating areas.

BRING ME SUNSHINE® Bearing deeply filled, cupped rosette blooms of rich sunset orange-yellow, palling to lighter apricot tones over time. An upright, bushy shrub has a heady, complex medium-strong Myrrh fragrance. 

THE GENEROUS GARDENER® Bears beautifully formed pale, glowing pink flowers, which nod gracefully on the stem. When the petals open they expose numerous stamens, providing an almost water lily-like effect. They produce a delicious fragrance with aspects of Old Rose, musk and myrrh.

We have a fantastic range of Whartons standard, climbing, rambling and shrub roses, so why not pop in and pick the perfect one for your garden. 

We are also proud David Austin Rose stockist.

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