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Today we are open from
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No matter what size garden you have, hanging baskets are a wonderful, quick and easy way to grow even more flowers, adding instant colour to patios, balconies and any other outdoor space that needs brightening up.

Hanging baskets...

Many of the most popular plants for hanging baskets will flower for months on end, with minimum care but there are a few things to think about when deciding where to hang your baskets. Make sure you can easily access them without getting into too much difficulty, as the plants will need deadheading and you will want to harvest any edibles you’ve added in. They will need frequent watering and feeding during the summer and dry spells, so think about the height and how you will reach them.


We’ve several hanging baskets, pots and planters that are already filled with summer-blooming plants, but it’s also fun to make your own too and we have all supplies you need.

Already got your hanging basket from last year…? We sell replacement basket liners and moss so you can line and refill them. Or if you fancy a new basket, we have plenty of natural and faux rattan baskets to choose from. Don’t forget the hooks for hanging them!

Soil matters...

Bedding plants need water and nutrients to help them bloom all summer long.  Planting in a quality basket and container compost is essential. Boost All Purpose Compost is enriched with starter feed and water storing granules that retain moisture giving you more abundant, healthy blooms. 

Choose your plants...

There are so many different plants that grow well in hanging baskets. Check the plants tags to see whether your plants prefer sun or shade and place them accordingly.

Here are some fantastic flowers, fruit and vegetables to grow in hanging baskets.

  • Geranium – adds beautiful pops of colour to baskets.
  • Lobelia – cascades effortlessly over the edges of hanging baskets and comes in blue, pink or white. 
  • Petunia – come in a variety of colours and patterns and will bloom throughout the summer.
  • Surfinia – a hybrid trailing petunia. Why not mix and match with some Petunias for a lots of colour.
  • Bergonia – provide continuous colour throughout the summer. Did you know that they deadhead themselves!
  • Bacopa trailing perennials have a long flowering season from summer through to autumn.
  • Nasturtium – the whole plant is edible and they’ll add plenty of colourful flowers to your basket.
  • Strawberry – with their beautiful flowers, who can resist pinching a strawberry as you walk past.
  • Tumbling Tomato – little yellow flowers that turn into beautiful red fruit.

Water wisely...

Ideally, if you can, collect rainwater in a water butt to use when watering your garden. If there hasn’t been much rain and it’s dry, hot and/or windy, you may need to water your baskets daily. Try to ensure your basket doesn’t completely dry out but also that it’s not soaking wet the whole time. The best time to water is first thing in the morning, when temperatures are lower, and plants begin to draw moisture from the compost. You can water in the evening, too, but you’ll have to be on your guard against slugs and snails, which adore damp overnight conditions. 

TOP TIP To water your baskets quickly and easily, a watering lance is a great idea. The Flopro Telescopic Watering Lance has a long reach, a fully adjustable head that can be angled 180 degrees with 6 spray patterns.  It also allows an easy snap-fit to all watering brands. This means you can connect it straight to any other watering systems you have at home.


Although a good container compost will incorporate slow-release feed, regular liquid feeding with Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Food helps summer bedding to pack a punch and carry on flowering throughout the season. Follow the instructions on the label for the best results.

Deadhead regularly...

Removing spent flowers encourages new growth and prolongs the blooming period.

Price Buster Offers*...

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  • Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Food 1 litre – £6.99 2 for £10
  • Flopro Telescopic Watering Lance only £19.99

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