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Today we are open from
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Fa la la la la, la la la la!

“When are you going to put up your tree?” is a frequently asked question… Whenever you decide to put up your tree, you want to make sure it looks its best. After all, it’s going to be around for the whole of the festive season. 

Getting started

For the best-dressed Christmas tree this year, it’s ideal to layer up in a well thought out order.

Start with lights, but before winding them around the tree, check they work first by plugging them in.

TOP TIP for positioning the lights…Switch them on before you start, this allows you to see where the bulbs are as you place them on the tree and ensure that they are evenly spread.

Next, it’s time to add anything else that is to be wound around the tree such as beads and tinsel.

Whilst this might seem like the finishing touch, placing the tree topper on at the start is actually easier than when your tree is fully festooned with all its lights and baubles.

The choice is endless...

There are so many design schemes to choose from, and you have likely accumulated lots of different decorations over the years, including some sentimental handmade ornaments. 


Whatever décor you decide to deck the halls with, there are some things to consider when hanging decorations on the tree.


First, start by adding heavier baubles towards the inside of the tree to ensure the branches are balanced. Then, work outwards, adding baubles in clusters. This helps to add another dimension. If you have different styles of baubles or decorations, try clustering a few different ones together to draw the eye to these sections to emphasise their beauty.


In terms of size, it can have a great impact to use larger baubles towards the bottom of the tree, gradually getting smaller as you get towards the top.


Leave your key ornaments to last to ensure they get a good spot. This is ideal for any sentimental decorations including those that have been handmade by family members, or personalised ones that mark a special occasion.

As well as general hanging decorations, colourful sprays of berries, or frosted foliage can be used to add something a little different to the display. 

Whatever your design or your decorations, you’ll have a beautiful-looking tree in no time.